Nico Rosberg Net Worth


Born on 27 June 1985 in Germany, Nico Rosberg is the son of Keke Rosberg who was the world champion of Finnish 1982. While the racer was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, he was raised in Monaco and that’s why he holds dual nationality. Nico’s father used his connection with Mercedes to pave the way for Rosberg’s karting career. Dino Chiesa, a top karting boss also supported Keke Rosberg to arrange the backing for his son.

As an outcome, Rosberg started his racing career in 1996 with karting. In 2000, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton became teammates. Nico won German Formula BMW, after which he shifted to ‘Formula 3 Euro Series’.  Nico Rosberg became the youngest driver to make it to F1 and then, set the fastest lap at Bahrain Grand Prix in 2006.

Nico Rosberg subjugated the series and won 9 out of 17 races by scoring 264 points against 183 points of Maximillian Gotz.

Being a professional car racer, Nico Rosberg is currently competing in Formula1 for Mercedes team. He was also a credited winner of 2005 GP2 Series as a German-Finnish driver of the ART team. After winning the series, Nico became the first driver to earn this title.

All about money

For past six years, Nico Rosberg is maintaining his position as a regular Formula One Racer, for which his team Mercedes F1 pays him approximately €10.5 Million for a year. This annual salary turns out to be a great part of Nico Rosberg Net Worth and makes him fifth highest paid driver of Formula 1 race. Starting his career from the very young age, Rosberg did a great job to reach to the position he desired of. On that note, he even tipped to new big things in F1 race. But, the entry of some of the great drivers like Sebastian Vettel at the same time proved to be a misfortune for Rosberg. This brought with it a misfortune to the racer such that he did not mark the grade to get to the expected level. When it comes to money matter, he is one of the blooming Formula 1 racers.

Mercedes F1 Salary

The current contract of Nico Rosberg with Mercedes Formula One was extended prior to the beginning of 2013. This extension of contract adds to Nico Rosberg Net Worth and gets him annual income of around €10.5 Million. This is undeniably a whopping amount and gives a boost to racer’s finances every year. In addition to the annual salary, Nico Rosberg also received bonuses for victory in grand prix. Endorsement deals act like an add-on for Nico Rosberg Net Worth and get him approx €500,000 annual in sponsorship wealth.

Endorsement Deals

In 2010, a popular and leading jewelry brand ‘Thomas Sabo’ signed Nico Rosberg. Other than this, there are many more companies that want the racer to be the face of their brand. This not only increases Nico Rosberg Net Worth but also brings him close to his fans outside the racing track. Rosberg has also entered into an endorsement deal with a celebrated watch company IWC Schaffhausen.


Top 10 Grossing Movies Of All Time


Everyone loves a good movie. But what makes a movie so good that it brings in millions of dollars at the box office. These 10 movies are all very different but all attracted plenty of moviegoers to the big screens.

Avatar. $2,782,275,172. James Cameron had to wait for technology to catch up to his ideas in order to make this amazing science fiction film that is unlike anything ever made before. It’s no wonder that this movie is top of the list.

Titanic. $2,185,372,302. Titanic’s story based on a true shipping accident was an amazing movie in every sense of the word. The complete opposite to Avatar and based on a very sad story, Titanic touched the heart of millions of viewers.

The Avengers. $1,436,325,442. Considering this superhero story was only released this year, it’s amazing that it shot up the rankings so fast. It’s a spectacular movie about superheroes and one mammoth super villain.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. $1,328,111,219. The last movie in the series. This amazing journey captured the hearts of millions everywhere with its saga about the young boy magician and his friends battling the dark lord and the incredible events that happened along the way. J.K. Rowling can be very proud of her accomplishments as it made her a very rich and famous woman.

Transformers. Dark Side of the Moon. $1,123,746,996. This is the third movie in the series and was more successful than its predecessors, although they were still very popular movies.

The Lord of the Rings. Return of the King. $1,119,929,521. This is the final instalment in the trilogy and ties everything up. It was the highest grossing movie of 2003 and won the 11 Academy Awards that it received nominations for, a record that has only been matched by Ben-Hur and Titanic.

Pirates of the Caribbean. Dead Man’s Chest. $1,066,179,725. 2nd movie. This is the second movie in the Johnny Depp/Geoffrey Rush classic stories and proved to be more popular than the original.

Toy Story 3. $1,063,171,911. This is the only cartoon movie in this list and was more popular than its predecessors at the box office. This is a Pixar movie and was made as a computer-animated 3D movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean. On Stranger Tides. $1,043,871,802. The 4th movie in the series was more popular than the 1st and 3rd and shows that not all sequels are quite as financially successful.

Star Wars Episode 1. The Phantom Menace. $1,027,044,677. The first of 3 movies in the prequel trilogy proved to be the best grossing movie for George Lucas’s mammoth saga and only the 4th movie he ever made. This is the first movie chronologically speaking.

All 10 of these movies made more than a billion dollars at the box office. That’s an incredible amount of money for entertainment but it goes to prove that blockbusters are still a hit with audiences around the world, despite the age of computers and home entertainment.

Article courtesy of Fabia, the woman’s lifestyle blog. Check it out

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For 2013

Racing Horse

Christmas is the most lucrative time of year for the retailers. Many admit that they make half of their yearly profits just in the month of December. Here are the top 10 gift ideas for 2011. They suit all budgets.

Books make great gifts. Most people love to read and you can buy books in stores or online at prices to suit your budget. Nothing can replace the feeling of holding a real book and enjoying the story it reveals.

Music CDs are second on the list because everyone loves music. Whether it’s at work, at school, on the train, at a concert, at home or at a party, music fits in everywhere. With modern technology, you don’t need to carry anything big with you to enjoy all the tunes you love.

Tablets and Ebook Readers are a great way to modernise the first option. You can read books on ebook readers and tablets so you can literally carry a library with you. There are also loads of other uses for these gadgets. You can download music, movies, videos, TV shows, magazines and much more. You have your own portable entertainment package.

Video Game Consoles and Accessories aren’t just for children. Adults love playing games just as much and there are lots of consoles to choose from. You have the Nintendo Wii, Xbox and Playstation. They have a range of accessories and can be updated when necessary.

Best Selling Video Games are for everyone. You can have sporting games, role playing games, shooting, racing, obstacle and just about anything else you could think of. You can buy new games as they come out and keep the family entertained for hours.

Movies and TV Series on Blu-ray Combo Discs and DVDs. Instead of spending loads of money for visits to the movies, why not grab some DVDs or Blu-ray discs and watch the movies you want to in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost. Refreshments are much cheaper this way too.  

Flat Screen High Definition Televisions are a great idea if you want to spend a bit more money on a gift. There’s nothing worse than watching a great movie on a bad TV. You can even incorporate 3D elements as new movies come out by getting the glasses if the TV has 3D capability.

Computer Laptops and Notebooks are great gifts because everybody wants one. Whether it’s for work, school or leisure activities, being portable is the way to go. You don’t have to be at home to be connected.

A Racing Horse  are perfect for those friends who love the thrill of winning. Owenshiop doesnt have to be expensice. Find out more about it from leading Sydney Horse Trainers

Cellphones/Smartphones are perfect so you can keep in touch with family and friends, no matter where you are. There are so many apps nowadays that a smartphone is almost a necessity instead of a luxury. 

Regardless of your budget, there’s always something great you can buy for your family and friends.

Top 10 Things To Do Online When You’re Bored

bored woman at home

It can be easy to become bored if you’re home and you have nothing to do. Here’s an interesting and unusual list of things to do online that you may consider if you’re bored one day. Each idea is linked to a website. There are other sites for many of these ideas so it’s to use the site mentioned.

Make an abstract piece of art. Check out this amazing site  You simply use your mouse and move it around the page and make some fun designs. It could keep you amused for ages if you’re creative. Click and change colour. Enter and start again.

Send some e-flowers. If you miss a birthday or other occasion or just because you want to, you can send e-flowers. Just go to this site and send flowers and even write your own message. It’s all free too.

Play free online games. There are loads of online games to play on your own, with friends or against strangers. This is one site worth checking out.  They have more games than any other single site.

Play MMORTG (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Games) Most of these are free but some may need you to do a small download first. The games but are much bigger and more complicated. They also take more time…maybe days, weeks or even months depending on how involved you get.

This is just one of the sites available.

Do Google searches. Just search for anything you want. It could be animals, holidays, fun things to do. It may not keep you as busy as some of the other ideas but sometimes you just want a small distraction. 

Start a t-shirt business. This can be a great way to earn extra money and there are tons of sites you can check out. Here’s one example. It’s up to you.

Buy Stocks. You can either do this for real or you can check out this site where you can practice for free and they give you fake 50 million dollars to start with.

Stumble Upon. Check this site out. It will take you to random sites on the net so you may come across things you never knew or interesting things. You won’t know until you start.

Watch A Guys Life. This guy was so bored that he has taken photos of himself every day for the last 8 years. He has turned it into 2 minutes of film and can be seen in this site.  Maybe you can try it for yourself?

Prepare for Doomsday. There are over 3 million preppers in the USA. Get ready, by putting together your own bug out bag for the end of the world. Make it fun and include the family in your preparations

Read Inspirational Quotes. Words inspire and motivate us. So read these quotes about life to get your butt off the computer chair and start living life.

So there you have it. Ten random ideas for things to do online when you’re bored. You’ll never be bored again.



Top 10 Cars Of 2011

2011 Ford Fiesta

There are lots of reasons why cars may be listed as a “top” car. Here is a list of the top 10 for you to consider when buying your next car.

Ford Fiesta is an economical car to run. It’s a great hatchback that can fit in the smallest of car spots. It’s a quiet car and has the very smooth suspension that you would usually expect in larger cars. You can choose a standard car with sped-sensitive steering and better suspension or the more heavily weighted Zetec-S.

Ford Focus is another hatchback that handles well on the road. It has tight steering and control and a smooth ride. A good car at a reasonable price. 

Vauxhall Causa has a spacious interior. You can choose either a petrol or a diesel engine. The car is a little heavy so fuel won’t be as cheap. The steering is very easy to manoeuvre.

Volkswagen Golf is a great all-round car with plenty of interior space and lots of built-in safety features. The basic models don‘t have a powerful engine so make your choice with that in mind. 

Vauxhall Astra has a very spacious interior for the whole family. It’s a good looking car and has secure handling. It has all the mod cons and safety features you would expect. With 42 cars in the range, there’s one to suit you. 

Vauxhall Insignia is a great family car and has loads of high-tech features. It’s excellent for fuel consumption and handles well on the roads. Most of the cars are also turbo-charged. 

VW Polo is an economical car to run. It’s easy to handle and is among the best superminis in the world. However, it’s surprisingly not as quiet to run as other larger cars. It’s spacious and has a classy look. 

BMW 3 Series. The 318d is the 2011 Compact Executive of the Year. It’s very comfortable to drive. The turbo diesel and turbocharged engines give you the speed and handling that you expect when you sit down.  

Nissan Qashqai is a spacious family 4WD car that’s smooth to drive because of the chunky tyres. It has great suspension so bad surfaces don’t even cause you to blink. It has 6 airbags and lots of safety features. 

Hyundai i30 handles well on the road. The manual cars are more economical than the automatics and the automatics aren’t as smooth to drive. It has a huge boot and very spacious interior for the whole family.

There are so many different cars that you’ll never find the “perfect” car to meet all your needs. However, with some online research, it will make your job easier and less time-consuming because you can check cars out without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

That means no more trawling car yards with no prior knowledge of what you may expect to find when you get there. The internet is a wonderful tool.

Top 10 Audio Docks In The World

audio dock

MP3 files have largely replaced CDs as the main format for music that people listen to because of its flexibility. MP3 players let you listen to music without needing headphones. Instead, you have an audio dock that will let others also hear the music. Here are the top 10 audio docks. 

Altec iMT320. This docking unit works equally well with iPods and iPhones. It pauses the music if you happen to receive a phone call while it’s playing. Altec Lansing has made audio products for many years and this particular product is one of the best in the range. It’s backed by a one year warranty and is immune to interference from cell phones.

Logitech S315i has a 20 hour battery life so is very portable. It can be used with iPhones and iPods. You get excellent sound and a 2 year warranty backed by a well-known brand in technology. 

JBL On Stage Micro III has a unique USB port that will let you sync your iPod or iPhone with iTunes. This unit has excellent sound and a battery life up to 12 hours. It has been described as looking like a pinwheel hovercraft.

iHome iP46BV is lightweight and portable. It has 2 fold up legs and a retractable universal dock. The battery lasts 5-8 hours and takes approx 2 hours to recharge. This unit doesn’t have a remote control. 

iLuv i552 has more features than most. It has great sound at any volume. This unit will charge an iPod shuffle, has a headset and an A/V output for connection to a TV or recorder to play videos on the larger screen. It also has an inbuilt radio.

Philips Fidelio SBD7500 has advanced sound enhancement and is the lightest unit in this collection. It doesn’t have as many features as other units as it’s designed mainly to play high quality music. 

Sharp DK-AP8P has a wireless remote control that attaches to the front of the unit as a protective cover. It has a subwoofer and high definition, full-spectrum sound. It has various adaptors to make it more versatile and has A/V so you can watch files on TV if you prefer. 

Memorex Mi1111 is almost unbeatable with regards to value for money. However, it’s not portable because it won’t run on batteries. It has a CD player, a radio with 40 preset channels and supports all docking iPod models and most iPhones.

Panasonic SC-HC20 is a compact unit that looks modern and slick. You have control over the sound and it supports most iPod models and comes with a one year warranty. 

Jensen JiSS-585 is last on the list and has detachable speakers and is described as being more of a basic docking unit so if you want one without all the razzle dazzle, then this could be perfect for you.

10 audio docks with different features. Only you will be able to know which one is right for you.


10 Poorest Countries In The World

Liberia Appears Calm Before Landmark Presidential Elections
It’s sad that there are countries that are very poor. This list is 10 of the poorest countries as measured by the dollar value of the GDP per person. (Gross Domestic Product.).
All of the countries actually are in Africa so as a continent, it’s extremely poor.

Democratic Republic Of Congo GDP $328. This is one of the few remaining countries that actually has cannibal tribes. They hunt people to survive the famine. The statistics for rape are very high, especially for virgins and most people think having sex with virgins can cure AIDS.

Liberia GDP $392. Liberia has an unemployment rate of 85%, among the highest in the world. It’s one of the African countries that Europe didn’t colonise. In 1980, a military coup overthrew the Americo-Liberian government was the turning point for driving their economy so far down.

Zimbabwe GDP $395. President Mugabe heads this poor country and, even though they have a lot of millionaires living there, they’re still listed as being a poor country. Their economy is incredibly stuffed. At one point it cost 1 billion dollars to buy 1 apple.

Burundi GDP $410. Burundi used to be a Belgian colony. It’s among the worst countries for AIDS/HIV and has suffered from civil wars, poor education and corruption. They rely almost solely on the export of coffee and sugar.

Somalia GDP $600. Somalia is regarded as one of the world’s most violent countries with constant civil wars. Since they started in 1991 there hasn’t been a central government so it has remained divided by different leaders. Poverty and poor quality of life has happened as a result.

Eritrea GDP $669. Eritrea has been colonised by many different countries. Italy started in the 17th century. Britain took over in 1941 and it was then annexed by Ethiopia in 1951and ten years later a 30 year war started. It became independent in 1993 and the quality of life deteriorated ever since. Their economy is mainly agricultural.

Niger GDP $733. It’s among the largest of the African countries and its economy is food crops, livestock and minerals such as uranium which is its biggest export. Niger isn’t to be confused with Nigeria as they are separate countries.

Central African Republic (CAR) GDP. $764. CAR’s economy is very unstable as the government is very unstable and there’s a lot of armed conflicts and violence. The country’s main exports are diamonds and food crops.

Sierra Leone GDP $781. It’s ironic that the country is among the top 10 diamond producers and exporters in the world but remains among the poorest nations itself. Mining and diamonds is the country’s sole economic base.

Togo GDP $832. Togo is in West Africa and is a former French colony. It has suffered from lots of political unrest, poor education and low quality of life.

The 10 poorest countries are all in the African continent. No wonder there’s so much trouble and other problems there. Perhaps one day a miracle will happen and things will change.

He Lives

Well, as I warned most people I have been offline for well over a week. Luckily I was compensated by the unusually fine weather over here in Kerry, Ireland – nothing quite like the heat folk over in the States have been experiencing, but excellent for a country where temperatures above 70F or 20C+ is a cause for celebrations.

My absence was unfortunate in some ways for my online activities. The Devnetwork PHP Book was at the stage of deciding upon a license (likely the GNU Free Documentation License) and debating the initial contents list. I’ll be heading over to check its progress during tomorrow after I recover from the last week of non-stop work. I’ll also be catching up on my emails, quite a few of which have been waiting for a reply for quite a while. I had hoped to get around to some of you last weekend but, alas, that was not possible.

This could be a posterchild example of the state of the Internet in Ireland. Unfortunately the country is ruled by a telecommunications monopoly which has sole responsibility for the phone and broadband network here. Mix that up with the company’s (Eircom) financial situation and its predictable monopolistic uncaring attitude for consumers and you wind up with a poor network which hasn’t seen significant improvement in years. From where I live, my broadband options are limited to Satelite access (prohibitively expensive, leaves upload speeds unchanged) or the future ray of hope in the form of a microwave network being heavily subsidised by the government. Fingers crossed that one makes it to completion in the near term. The joys of technology access in rural Ireland…

Anyways. Kerry, two weeks, no internet. Emails to be replied to at the weekend. I’ll be back there again in about two weeks – until then I’m playing catch up.

Back on track… My nearly two month break from developing the Quantum Star SE game (the all new version) will be finishing up fairly soon. I took the break way back when because I was losing all interest in it – one of those critical symptoms of developer burnout. I’ve been working on and off on QS since 2003 and the last 10 months has seen the older v2 scrapped and left out in the wilderness. Version 3, or what we project developers are calling the “Evolved” branch is powering along primarily on the backend. This side track into framework territory has been quite a learning experience. Honestly, if you want to get a handle on PHP OOP and best practice building your own framework as a side project is quite a fun experience. You learn a lot, research comes to the fore, and it’s valuable experience.

I’ll soon be back on track with QS and catching up on Protoshell (another game, possibly in Java, with Moocat) also.

Have I forgotten to mention anything? Patterns For PHP, of course. I have a list of “demands” from Ambush Commander (handle) regarding the site’s CSS and some other MediaWiki requirements. I’ll be pushing forward with those in the coming week. I’ll getting back on track with adding new Patterns soon also. With some luck, I can drum up some more willing contributors. As always if interested, contributing is but a registered account away – the site is a public wiki.

In addition I will be writing more for this blog – as if any force bar God is going to stop that…

Whatever happened to free time?

Sorry for the delay but I’m hoping to get 2.1.24 released when possible. I’m currently away on a work assignment which is delaying the release and cutting my online time to near zero – well I guess I do need that salary…

Development is ongoing though a lot of it is on the planning side rather than coding at the moment. After the Christmas break I should have a number of significant changes added and the 2.1.25 release ready to release – if anyone has ideas please post them to the forums.

From too little, to too much…

On another note…I’ve recently finished up on two projects I’ve been involved with for some time. This has left me with even more free time – a lot of which will be used to work on QS. The rest will be invested in a second online game. I’m currently getting this organised, but it will be a RPG (for a change in scenery!) written in PHP and will hopefully leverage off certain areas of QS such as our database functionality and the NGS based installation scripts. It’s intended that the RPG will be released under the GNU General Public License so, as with QS, users will be able to download, use and customise it at will.

I will not be going alone on this project however, and unlike QS it will be written from scratch as well as integrating certain useful functionality from QS. More details will follow in the future once the project’s website has been established. The new project will not effect QS development – but rather replace my other two projects which are now completed.